Smarter Barcodes

Packaging that Communicates.

No more ugly QR codes taking up precious packaging space.

Offer individualized coupons, surveys, other products, etc., as well as “Buy Now” option, all without requiring an external site.

Direct Communication

“Clickable” products

Without A Computer

Make your products on the shelf communicate directly to your Customer by making them “clickable”. Connect them directly to information, surveys, instructions, etc. of a specific product, just by scanning an existing barcode. All without taking them to a website.

We can turn every Mobile Device into a TV set and every Barcode into a Direct to the “Individual Consumer” Customized Marketing Campaign.

Demo Three


Reading Difficulties/ Language Barriers
• Dynamic Rich Media campaign delivery• Babel–Talking Packaging–demonstration supports English, Spanish and German

 This barcode has been augmented to go directly to the Excedrin campaign on the Smartglyph Lite app.

Excedrin Campaign

What You’ll See In This Live Demo

Since the barcode above has been augmented, it will go directly to the Excedrin campaign after it has been scanned with the Smartglyph Lite app.

 Excedrin Branded App Menu

 Talking Instructions for Language/ Sight Impaired

 Medication Adherence (set reminders)

 Videos, Coupons

Branded App Menu

Talking Packaging Menu

Please Note:

The scannable codes on this website are real codes taken from genuine product packaging. These demos have been created using existing brand assets in the public domain.