Augmented Codes

Muliple Functionality 

Augmented Codes Solutions

Enabled by the Smartglyph Platform

Unlimited Communication Possibilities

 CREATE any function you require
BUILT MODULARLY so that new functions can be easily inserted into campaigns

Each demo demonstrates different function capabilities of Smartglyph for both simple and enhanced functionality.

Functionality Samples

The following are samples that demonstrate AmenaCode’s platform and the Smartglyph patented Augmented Code Solution (ACS).

Example One

Customer Education

You Decide What The Consumer Sees

Delivery of personalized rich media content, information, or educational materials

Example Two

Customer Connections

Create Promotional Contests, Coupons, Offers…

Allows connection with the consumer, anywhere, transforming product packaging (new & existing) into a marketing channel

Example Three

Reading Difficulties

Language Barriers

Delivery of Babel and Rich Media Content (Talking Packaging)
Add multilingual content
• Enable inclusion of visually imparied and low literacy users

Example Four

Real-Time, Targeted Responsive Surveys

Targeted, personalized surveys based on immediate actions
Answers drive a knowledge tree delivery of content tailored to the user's responses
Establish New Promoter Score and flow through to CS team

Sample Five

Interactive Instructions

Enforce Compliance, Create A Trail and Deliver

Walk a user through simple or complex tasks at their pace
Reduce user frustration
Gather compliance and acknowledgement data

Example Six

Multi-Stage, Process Based Task

Mandate a call to action with verifiable completion, e.g. Medical Adherence
Establish a user friendly task reminder
Easily review detailed information delivered through patient information leaflet

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