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The transformation to a connected world — A Better Solution

A New and Different

Marketing Channel

• We enable your products to communicate directly to any interested consumer.

• We turn anonymous browsing events into actual customer acquisitions.

• We are the “Bridge” that connects suppliers directly to the consumer, one-to-one.

• We turn every Mobile Device into a TV set and every Barcode into a Direct to the “Individual Consumer” Customized Marketing Campaign.

 Our Focus is on protecting and serving the needs of the consumer first.

The World Is shifting


Brands, companies, and consumers need to understand the power and certainty of connectivity.

Two Elements to Business

ONE: The Consumer 

The consumer’s favorite “radio station” of all time is W.I.F.M.

“What’s In It For Me!”

TWO: The Suppliers 

Whether a supplier of products or services, there are two objectives for suppliers: (1). Acquire Customers and (2) Retain Customers.

Communication History

Since the beginning of time, people continue to learn how to communicate. It started with signs, then words, language, print, radio, the telephone, photography, cinematography, television, computers, the Internet, and NOW its All in One… The Mobile Device.

There are 7.2 Billion people on the planet and there are 16.2 Billion active cell phones..


Overwhelmed Customers

As Consumers, we are being overwhelmed with information, offers and solicitations from everyone all the time.

We have to wade through everything just to DELETE it!

Smarter Barcodes

Packaging that Communicates.

No more ugly QR codes taking up precious packaging space.

Offer individualized coupons, surveys, other products, etc., as well as “Buy Now” option, all without requiring an external site.


Customer Acquisition

As Suppliers, we do everything we can to get the attention of consumers and are collectively spending trillions of dollars annually to get new ones, and just as much trying to keep them.

With online merchants growing at unprecedented rates, and billions of devices with access to making purchases, the competition for “relationships” with consumers is at its peak.

Customer acquisition costs go up as more providers offer similar services. Suppliers need a new way to COMMUNICATE to the consumer, build a one-to-one relationship with each customer, then nurture that relationship into a lifetime customer.



At AmenaCode, we “Augment” your existing barcodes on every product in distribution, to deliver a World of Services and Information to the consumer through this exclusive Smartglyph patented technology.

Directly Connect To Customers

You can tell your story and connect directly with the consumer, providing them with what they need to continue to communicate with you, the supplier.

Campaigns can be created monthly, quarterly, or annually; delivering your message directly to the consumer and establishing a direct one-to one relationship with your customer. Just Try It.

We Play Nice With Others

What amenacode Does

AUGMENTS the capabilities of any optical/proximity code, all without making any changes to the existing action code.

Core to our solution is Smartglyph’s patented code technology and it’s interface with all existing action codes.

 Then the SmartGlyph…

Easy Does I.T.

Specifically curated for them

CONSUMERS AND BUSINESSES use their mobile phone, scan a code, and access a world where they can communicate, identify, and interact with:

Rich Media

AmenaCode Defines

 WHO CAN read any individual code
WHEN and WHERE any code can be read, by WHOM, and by WHICH device
 WHAT actions can be invoked depending on who reads an individual code

The platform tracks every scan by every user, offering auditable and powerful analytics.

Retail Brands

Smarter Barcodes


Regulators require an asprin brand to adopt new confusing tamper-proof bottles which require education.


The brand implements Smarter Barcodes. When scanned, it provides talking packaging and step by step video instructions. They also open a marketing channel with the consumer offering coupons and other products specifically identified for that consumer as well as “buy now” option, all without requiring an external site.

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